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THERMOSAN HEAT TREATMENT INDUSTRY AND TRADE has adopted the principle of applying lean production conditions during its production and fulfilling its responsibilities related to QMS and the environment at every stage.

In this context, it has determined all the processes related to the production of quality products at all stages from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the product to the customer, and has created the necessary infrastructure related to eliminating environmental pollution. In this regard, an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and the continuity established by providing employees and other persons who may be affected by their work activities on the following topics of Health is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and welfare.

  • It increases customer satisfaction by improving our product and service quality.
  • In order to prevent environmental pollution and protect natural resources, it provides recycling and controlled disposal of waste by reducing it at the source.
  • All legal regulations that we are obliged to comply with regarding our work determine the conditions, and customer requirements and provide the necessary infrastructure to comply with them. 
  • We plan, give and evaluate training to our employees and suppliers in a way that will increase awareness about quality and the environment, improve team spirit, and increase participation.
  • The context is to determine the objectives, taking into account the relevant parties, risks and environmental dimensions, and to make programs to achieve these objectives.
  • At all stages of our work, we ensure the participation of stakeholders along with employees, and constantly improving their processes by receiving their opinions and suggestions.
  • It periodically reviews its system and prepares the necessary infrastructure for continuous improvement.

Hasan Yücel YILMAZ

General Manager


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