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Termosan Heat Treatment Industry and Trade Inc. was established in 1996 under the name Termosan Inc. and commenced its operations. Initially, it produced with two gas atmosphere-controlled continuous heat treatment furnaces, each with a capacity of 170 kg/h.

Due to an increase in customer demands, in 2000, Termosan expanded its production capacity by purchasing an additional continuous furnace with a capacity of 300 kg/h. In 2003, they further enhanced their capabilities by manufacturing and commissioning a 500 kg/h capacity continuous furnace in-house.

However, due to physical space limitations, Termosan started searching for a new location. In April 2004, they acquired a new facility located at Halkalı Caddesi No.219, covering an area of 4300 m2 with 2500 m2 of indoor space. This new facility was intended for the implementation of new investments related to heat treatment.

In 2012, Termosan developed a final layout plan for the new facility, aiming to achieve process and product diversity. The plan was designed to accommodate both manual and automated lines for similar processes. Additionally, in 2019, Termosan decided to expand its production network by opening a branch in Dilovası.

Termosan’s continuous lines consist of two high-capacity, fully automated furnaces. These furnaces have the capability to automatically apply consecutive processes such as quenching and carbonitriding.

In the context of special processes, Termosan strengthened its capabilities by using 5 chamber furnaces and 5 tempering furnaces. This enables the improvement of the durability of both small and large parts.

Termosan obtained ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certificates from URS company and continues to meet the requirements of CQI9.

The continuous lines consist of furnaces in which two high-capacity continuous furnaces are placed to perform the breeding and carbonitration processes fully automatically and are applied automatically in two separate successive processes.

Within the scope of special processes, Termosan has also strengthened its capabilities with 5 chamber ovens and 5 tempering ovens.

Having received the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certificates from URS, Termosan continues to fulfill the requirements of CQI9.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide our customers with high-quality heat treatment solutions, enhancing the performance of metal parts and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to attain a leading position in the industry by offering our customers innovative and sustainable heat treatment solutions, while continuously striving for improvement and excellence.

Durability blended with performance.

We strive to provide our customers with customized solutions and meet their expectations.

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